Wheel Tracks on planted field/grass.

FREE to share anywhere. Please include credits.

Luxus (my self)


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3 Responses

  1. Ambientus says:

    Any way to make this awesome addition to only affect crops that are more then 1/2 way mature?

    • Wise man says:

      Due to how game engine work, that is not possible at all. Even though we can _see_ four stages of growth, game engine doesnt think like that. It thinks there are just two stages, growing and ready to harvest. Growing stages only change their graphical appearance by time, but not by “status”. Now i know what you are thinking, would it be possible to tie this to time before this script would work, but that is not possible. Destroying crops is on/off thing and it would be too complex to write such a script which would follow growthstate of every field on map. That would use lot of memory and it wouldnt work on any mod maps there are.

      You have to plow, cultivate and fertilize first before you can plant. And you have to leave some space in the end of each field where you can turn or then plant last. Or you just have to accept the losses in more realistic maps where you dont have much space to avoid driving on planted field.

  2. Daederick says:

    dear Luxus,

    First of all! I really like modders who can make mods which directly work on every implement in game! you did a great job creating this!
    Although, me and my friends encounter a small problem with this mod. when we harvest Sugarbeets or Potatoes, we always use the trailed harvester, which means the tractor drives over the crop. In fact, we drive in between them, but I know as a mapper that making this mod with the wheels between those crops would be impossible. So instead, could you make the mod in which he makes an exception on sugarbeets and potatoes, so we could drive without destroying half our harvest?


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