Here I have a Wheels set together, that I like to put at your disposal.
Have the wheels made entirely separately, for hobbyists who want to screw on their mods something new.
The wheels are of one or another mod which is available from me on the DL.
Wheels have been revised (model, texture, Specular, Dirtshader etc.)
All the wheels, brackets are washable (Dirty)
You can see the wheels block differently / installing, or direct from the i3d load (eg. Giants models) instructions there are plenty on the web.
The set includes:
Pflegebereifung -> Front & Rear
Care Zwillingsbereifung -> rear only
Zwillingsbereifung -> Front & Rear
Fasteners (brackets) for twin tires -> Front & Rear
a modified “vehicleShaderDirt.xml” to exchange. Brighter Dirttextur (see picture) – backup copy of the previous not forget!
Sample images can you see from the DL description could look like in the trekkers all.
Fals will you make your mods to the wheels of me to DL, you need catch up with me not released. The wheels are Released.
Einzigste condition is that credit must be fully known !!
Have fun screws …… Happy Farming ;-))
MfG speedy77

CebuljCek / speedy77 (CEM)

DOWNLOAD PFB_ZWB_Wheels_Set_by_SP77.rar – 8.7 MB

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