Hello and welcome to White oak farm

Welcome to White oak farm it is my first map i have Released and it is A Small map with only 14 Fields. 7 arable and 7 grass you also have two yards your main yard witch has all your Crop storage and cows along side your seed , Fertilizer and fuel triggers
and then the Second yard is alot smaller and that is for your Sheep and Extra Storage. At the store you will find all your sell points such as Veichle sell point , wood , wool and Crop sell point you can also buy your Equipment and Trees
you can also find your bale sell point at the stable and to sell your Eggs you go to the Pub. your Reset point is in the Cow Field. If you would like to store your Root Crops use Heap Trigger

Map created by Nathan_6930 Object Credits Sotillo Modding Industries Larsen & Larsen Modding Raptor5 Benedict Alex2009 oxygendavid Mfg Bernascht von kyokoyama777 CHRIS1988 Kolbenfresser Luculus marhu Decker_MMIV THomas SirJoki80 Dorset WBF chris7710 petorious NI Modding BulletBill83 LJW modding fatian javieroo7 juanathan lsm modding chriss 1988 kolbenfresser zefir mafia73 csmc jauchebpaule kazura creative modding imschonenwildcott coufy vanillaice87 Larsen modding webalizer sandgroper vertex designs lancyboi Gaints Dorset Map Testers : Jamie_6610 Jack_6820 Dillion_7810 Josh_110 GR Modding GM Agri Fs Edits Ashley PC Ben Videos maxmar1988

DOWNLOAD FS15_WhiteOak_Farm.zip – 138.7 MB

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    Why wont the gates open??!!!???

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