Today i present the Wisconsin Illinois Border map. This is the better version and log is clean of errors. Any errors reported will be fixed in the final version. Here you have all animals big fields and open areas to add your own personal buildings etc. there are enough sell points around the map.Milk can be collected from the cows and sold by the Dekalb Sell point. seed and fertilizer can be refilled on variuos areas on the map as well. final version will inlcude the multifruit for the two states of what they grow only.There are a few forestry areas and 2 sell points for them. has traffic and pedestrians as well as fish in the ponds ducks and birds flying above this is compatiable with the seasons mod also. all feeding areas and straw grass silage tmr are all marked as well as the animal dialogues. Fields range from small to big and some are flat and some are hilly on parts. there is a little bit of everything to do on here. there is also a beer production since it is part of thr Wisconsin life


DOWNLOAD WisconsinIllinoisBorder.zip – 689.6 MB

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