Please remember this trailer is primarily for the transportation of WOOL PALLETS, it will
take other things like bales and small equipment, but if you try to use it for transportation of equipment
like heavy tractors I do not guarantee that it will react correctly, this is due to the new game
physics in FS 2015, so please just use it for transpoting pallets, bales and small equipment.



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3 Responses

  1. nisroc says:

    I bow to your superior knowledge of what we do not have in game KaosKnite. hen i first saw this mod i thought it was a little long but worked very well. only thing i would change right now is the crazy dark blue paint. on flat bed edges give it a warning sticker. Many trailers do have these for loaders, over all you have to give it colour. Ill be repainting it for personal use.

  2. James Biddulph says:

    This is MY mod and I did not give permission to upload it here, the least the uploader could have done was credit me with the hard work of modelling and scripting the thing.

    It will be reported.

  3. KaosKnite says:

    This is an FMC mod made by Ferrat. This mod was uploaded to FS-UK and apparently re-uploaded here without permission. I only helped Ferrat in making this mod, I did not create it. Whoever uploaded this mod, please correct the error in your credits. If you are not sure then go back to FS-UK website and look.

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