Two Worlds Map V 2.0


Added more Mods
Brewery-“Hops” Produce BEER
Beehive-“Sugar”Produce HONEY
Dairy-“Milk” Produce CHEESE
Factory-“SugarBeet” Produce SUGAR
Factory-“Barley” Produce COOKIES
Factory-“Flour” Produce BREAD
WineHouse-“Grapes”Produce WINE
Cannery-“Tomato”Produce CANNED
Distellery-“Plant”Produce VODKA and COLA
Industry-“Potato”Produce CHIPS
WaterMillV2-“Wheat”Produce FLOUR
FischZuchtAnlage-“Maize”Produce FISH
Plantation-“Manure Water LiquidManure”Produce GRAPES HOPS TOMATO PLANT
WARNING The Mods in the game doesn’t work if you have the UniversalProcessKit in the mods folder

Joa Giants and the others for the objects and Scripts


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