This is the final version of the 16x XLFarms X3 map. The map has a new topography based in the north of the USA.

Several improvements to a final release.

It has new textures and details in general.

22 Standard fields of 256ha
4 Standard fields of 64ha
Wind Energy Park
Single main farm with:

Large garage for storing large machines
Fuel station
Fertilizer and seed station
Local point of sale (Inside the main farm)
Large capacity storage point
2 storage points with direct loading for the trains
Point for sale of strawbale
Free area for mods placement (DLC Straw suggestion)
Ample complex of sales of grains with:
2 places of sale
2 places of sale for trains

Sukup grain bin pack (main farm silos) Model & Texture – ThompsonM06 Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD Isotope/BigCountry/Looseterror/TwistedGA/ThompsonM06/mwlacy Bio-Diesel Raffinerie by auwgl Bauer heini by Shell Tankstelle Radarturm by Rummelboxer Sheds by Mike_Modding_nl AnhydrosFacility from the map FS17_LoneStarV1 by rmckinney Station wash 9M kaercher HDS-C 8 / 15E: Blacksheep Modding Doors from the mod MachineShed100x50 Models, Textures, Sound by SickleBandit New Texture: Eribus (LS-Modcompany)

DOWNLOAD FS17_XLFarms_X3___40_1__41_.zip – 715.9 MB

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