XTZ 242K/243K/280T V3.1.0

Changes: Version 3.1
The script of dynamic hoses was installed, couplings for hydraulics and air hoses were added, and the visual adjustment of the exhaust was also changed (smoke, smoke became darker at high revs).

Cost without improvements 70,000,
Service 127 euro per day
Power 210 hp, 240 hp, 250 hp
The speed of 40 km / h, 45 km / h, 50 km / h.
Lighting, working dashboard and mirrors,
animation (hands of the farmer, cardan, fan), noise isolation.
Choice (engine (241 D-260; 242 YaMZ-238; 243 YaMZ-536),
The choice of wheels 23.1 R26 Old sample /
23,1 R26 New sample / Tracks.
The choice of color, color rim)
The left door opens, the hood rises, the steps to the engine unfold, the passenger seat unfolds.
Leaves traces, dust from under wheels / tracks.

From the Author: set up physics and more increased tire deformation, when parked on the field no longer unfolds, added caterpillars selection, when buying caterpillars tractor brand stickers are inserted and steps are changed, caterpillars made on a real tractor.

T-150, dimaks, dimon62Rus,Evgen333, алексей сапунов (alex1985)

DOWNLOAD XTZ_243_K.zip – 21.9 MB

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