ZETOR 12145 X 2.0



They have features such as:

-Opens the door, sunroof, opened as long as you hold the key
-Full Animation rear tuza
-counters Turnover, fuel level, pressure, battery charging
-Ruchome: Clutch, gas and brake
-Amortyzowane seat
-moda Plowing v2
-Obroty And smoke rise for all field work
-Oświetlenie v3
-Halogeny Front, rear
A movable radiator fan
-New Ps field work
-Animacja Mobile arm
-Full Animation gearbox
-Zapalany On key
-Ruchoma axis
Adjustable rear hook
-Kurz From under the wheels
-No Off after exiting
-Animacja firing
-Ściągane wings
A movable cardan shaft

marcell1942, Michu

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