ZETOR 7245 V2


version 2
– New Store image
– New Dirt
– Exhaust flap
– Destroyed away
– Reworked textures
– Revised Amaturenbeleuchtung
– Adapted twin tires
– And two or three other little things: D

last but not least the whole Modserie, here the Zetor 7245. I have the mod here I’ve found myself already in the 13er pleased but it took forever to release. When he finally came out, I was pretty disappointed because he had no features. So I myself hingestezt and built it done.
standard features
On / and Collapsible dual tires
IC (doors, rear windows and side windows)
Aniemierte pedals

Basic Model: MS-Martl Tag: Model Freak Twins Cebul-Cek Script: (I do not know who the scripts originate simply report)

DOWNLOAD Zetor7245.zip – 22.6 MB

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