ZIL 133 GYA V1.3.0

Cleaned archive of debris. (Now the mod weighs 54MB instead of 100MB)
Straightened the frame. Now it is straight and not move to the sides and the springs are in their place.
Added opening of doors and hood (num 7,8,9)
Added stripes on the body.
The mod is adapted to the mod GearBox (has 9 gears forward and 1 backward)

Choice of cab and body color.
2 options engine 230 and 240 HP
(each engine has its own sound)
Animated suspension, fenders, tidy.
Working mirrors. Light.
Tyre pressure.
Body volume 18000 l
Modified mod: Viatcheslav RuS Orel, Vladimir Zaporizhia.
The log is clean.

Mirage,Mr.President, доработка: Вячеслав Сергеевич

DOWNLOAD ZiL_133GYA.zip – 54.4 MB

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